Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween & Pink Scrap Quilt

Good morning! Last week I found this bag of pink strips I had made awhile back. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them. I spent all weekend working on this pink scrappy quilt except for when we had the kids over for Halloween.

Lucy helping with the layout

and here they are all sewn together. I will put a border on it eventually. 

The kids came over on Halloween for dinner. Here is the guest of honor.

Scott's girlfriend wondering who is in her spot lol

The girls and I made mummy dogs and we had nachos too. I may be eating nachos at 9am (hey it is really like 10 right?)

Buster having some snacks too

Jess brought her pumpkins to carve and one for Trevor too. Melissa helped clean out the baby's.

All my kids

and this little pumpkin ;)

Had to change the sheets in the cat basket so the baby could use it lol. He is just so adorable!

I had candy for the kids so I left the porch light on and actually got one trick or treater! That was all I got last year too. I was like how much candy do you want? How old are you, you can have that much lol.

I can't believe it is the holiday season already. I'm like bah hum bug like I always am until right before. I just hate all the pressure everyone feels to spend money they don't have on gifts no one needs. I don't need anything. 

Well here is to a productive week. I have a bunch of payments to do for work and brought home 133 letters to stuff into envelopes and mail out.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You have 5 kids? Why did I only know of 3? I'm obviously asleep at the wheel.
We did not do Halloween this year. Sad to me. I love that your family does so much together Julie. That is great!!

Julie H said...

@Peg, no just 3 but those are the other 2 are the partners

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