Friday, November 13, 2020

Ready for 4pm!

 Well that's annoying. 

Yesterday I got the automated call from the school saying my son missed first period. Uh no, he was logged on the whole time? So I called the school and apparently it's the students responsibility to correct the mistake.  Kind of like guilty until proven innocent I guess eh? Stupid.  

By the time I got done writing this he sent the teacher a text and he said he'd fix it. 

I went into work yesterday and finally got all the 2020 applications rolled over to 2021. Everyone has their pretty blue sticker and a letter mailed to them. Whew. Now to go through all the files and make sure everyone has what they need to be eligible this year. In between doing payments and modifications. Woohoo. Nice and busy now that I'm the only one doing my job and my eye is only twitching a little bit. Working from home most of the time is definitely challenging with some of this stuff. 

--whew I started this this morning and now it is almost 3pm, finally got a chance to finish! My boss is going on vacation next week and we are in "modagetton" as I call it with expiring contracts on 12/31. Whoever picked that date to make things expire was an asshole. Everyone that has to approve things and sign things is on vacation.

I also just put in for the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. We'll see anyone freaks out since there is a deadline on the 30th of November too. For some reason deadlines and the days I want to take off always align.

I'm going to go over to my mother in law's after work. She's 90 and she got a text on her flip phone and called my husband every 15 minutes for awhile freaking out about it lol. Probably just some spam. Haven't seen her in forever so won't hurt to go over there. 

Wednesday night I worked on my bag of green scraps. Got them all sewing together to make some blocks out of. I have A LOT of green scraps. That should take me awhile. I'll probably be sick of making these after that. Still have a huge bag of pink, some yellows and a little bit of brown to go I think.

Funny story, I always tell Jessica that if she is lost I'll just follow the trail of socks to find her. I swear I am always finding one of her socks. Yesterday I was looking through my purse and I found one of her socks in there. WTH? I was thinking maybe the cat put it in there or something. So random lol.

Well have a great weekend! Hopefully Scott can get Trevor's truck smogged. He tried last weekend but it failed because some monitor something something but he thinks it is fixed now. Some day that kids truck will be registered.
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