Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Ahhh I'm so glad I took today off from work. Sitting here in my nightgown drinking some coffee with the heater on.  It does feel kind of weird not doing my craft shows this weekend like I usually do. Hopefully next year!

Thanksgiving was so nice, everyone was so mellow and just had fun hanging out. I made two turkeys but one would have been enough since we had a ham too. 

I only cooked one turkey and did the salami rolls and then did lil smokies wrapped in bacon on Thanksgiving and everything else was done the day before. Jess came over and made deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese (her boyfriends family tradition) and peanut butter pie.

                Turkey time! Tubby is so funny. 

Melissa  & Baby Daniel of course

My mom got him this cute outfit

Melissa's pretty dress

Daniel's sister Sarah

oink oink

The 5 minutes no one was holding him lol

Food anyone?

Getting burped lol

The girls were so cute with him just plopped in the middle. Danie's sister Sarah, step sister Sienna and Sister Lissa

Talks with Grandpa


I did my hair and it still looks that bad lol

My babies

Baby is starting to be more alert now

Lissa, Daniels Dad and GF, Sarah, his Grandma and Daniel

and brother Matt

This will forever be the year my mom told me she was staying home and I found out she was actually going to my brother's house. Caught her! I don't really care I just think it is funny that she was trying to keep it a secret or something. 

I can't believe Christmas is around the corner. I was hoping to have new furniture. Might just have to go buy some before we get the living room done. They have some cute couches and chairs at Big Lots. Maybe I'll drag Scott over there this weekend to look at them.

I think we have decided to have steak for dinner on Christmas. Maybe a baked potato bar would be fun to go with it. The kids seem happy that we don't have to go anywhere on Christmas other than my house. I see this pandemic ending all o

Now what should I have for breakfast? Pumpkin pie? 
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Norbert Weisner said...

That food looks so incredibly delicious and marvelously appetizing.

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