Thursday, May 20, 2021

This and That

Good morning! Today is the 2nd to last Thursday of school for my son. So weird to think he'll be all done with school after next week! He went TO school today so nice quiet day in the house. Well as long as the work from home husband doesn't make too much noise ;)

Yesterday I put out my cat trap, still works!  Tina has become my sewing room buddy. She's almost always in here with me. Usually looking out the window for birds. 

Yesterday I pulled out all my black pieces in my keychain box and late last night I had them all sewn together with fronts and backs. Now I'm not feeling too excited about them so I think I'll put them back in the box to work on again later lol.

I have a bunch of fabric with panels on it so I'm thinking about maybe pulling one of those out and playing with it. Bags? Little quilts? Not sure. We'll see!

Also thinking maybe I'll work on trying to sell some more stuff on the Facebook group. If I can get rid of all the patterns I have left I'd have almost a whole drawer to use for my fabric organization ;)

Plus then my resale Etsy shop would be cleaned out so I wouldn't have to think about that one for a bit. Although I think I will eventually put some fabric bundle type things on there. 

I have zero stuff to do for work today. All logged in with nothing to do. They did lift the restrictions for going into the office so I will go in one day next week to do some letters and packets. 

I've been watching the new episodes of Hoarders on Netflix. Several of the ones they have people bought stuff to "sell" and ended up burying themselves. Such a slippery slope! I can see how easily that can happen. 

Ok off to read some blogs!  Hope you all have a great day!

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