Wednesday, September 1, 2021


 Good morning! What day is it? Oh September 1st already! The year is almost over.

I haven't mentioned it before since people are so judgy judgy but Trevor has Covid. He has had it for an entire week now. Still running a fever. Now my daughter, her boyfriend and the baby all have it too. It's like the land of misery. Hoping it starts to go away soon. Scott and I took tests yesterday and they were negative (TG). Hopefully they stay that way.  

Two weeks ago Trevor and I went shopping. When you go out of the store and the alarm thing goes off you should probably check the pants you just bought. Scott went to put these jeans on and whoops. I told him maybe try smacking it with a hammer and it worked to get it off. Glad I don't have to take them back to the store.

For dinner last night I made this Korean Beef Rice Bowl recipe from Skinnytaste. It was good but too spicy. That was with not even putting in as much red pepper flakes or the other hot sauce at the end.  Probably still eat the leftovers for lunch today ;) Trevor hasn't hardly eaten anything lately so I keep having left overs when I cook. Poor kid. I'm making him some Jello right now. I've got him trying a smoothie now, hopefully he can keep that in.

I finally finished piecing together the zip bags I had set aside, now I'm cleaning up all the "scraps" and fabrics to put away before I start sewing them up.

I have some pork in the crock pot to make some pulled pork for dinner. Trying a recipe so hopefully it comes out good. I was trying to wash the dishes while I was listening to our teleconference but they just turned our water off to work on the line somewhere so I guess I'm done with that for now!

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