Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Well it's another depressing day here. Where's that exit that goes to the beach. The beach where it's not too  hot or too windy, not a lot of people but lots of fun shells to look for. Yeah that beach.

Trevor is all grouchy this morning. I'm sure he's depressed from being sick and sitting on the couch. Tried to get him to go in his room for awhile but he doesn't want to for some reason. Scott's breathing is annoying him I think lol. He was complaining about what he was watching on TV yesterday and this morning he's complained about his "cackling laugh". So hey it's a bunch of fun in here.

He had his phone call doctor appointment yesterday. The doctor said to just keep doing what he's been doing with the oxygen and meds and he'll call back on Friday to check on him again.

Scott has just had the someone is poking my eyes headache and a tiny bit of coughing here and there so far. Please God let that be all that he has.

I think I've actually went over 24 hours without popping a 99 degree fever finally. Hopefully that is the end of that. Still doing a little bit of coughing but if I use my inhaler it seems to go away so that is good.

I might be insane if we are all still in the house together for 10 days. This is day five and I've already contemplated skipping the coffee and pouring a drink and it's only 9am. My table and chairs outside was looking kind of inviting when I took the dogs out this morning. I might have to set that up in the shade for tomorrow morning. 

Jess sent me this picture yesterday of the baby's curls. So adorable. Jessica's hair was like that when she was little too. Scott's mom used to baby sit her a day or two a week and sometimes she'd come home with a foam roller in the top her head. I have a picture of  that somewhere. I can't wait until I'm done quarantining so I can give him a big hug. 

I'm pretty much all caught up on work stuff already this morning so it is going to be a long work day. I hate slow days. I'd rather have more than I can do than nothing at all! Ok off to read some blogs. Pray my family gets better soon and no one kills each other for breathing the wrong way. 
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