Thursday, September 9, 2021


 Good morning! Happy Thursday! I think I actually slept last night, it's a miracle.

My mom offered to bring some Taco Bell yesterday and Trevor actually ate a burrito AND a taco. I've never been so excited for my kid to actually eat something. He actually got up and moved around a little yesterday too. Even went in his room for a little bit. So glad he was mentally feeling a little better yesterday.

Scott seems to be doing ok still also. Mostly just has a low fever with some occasional coughing. I just feel like I have a left over cold that has triggered my asthma. If I take my allergy medicine and use my inhalers I seem to be fine. 

I finally did some sewing again yesterday. 

I had a couple pieces of pink & aqua fabric scraps and I thought those colors would be pretty together so I sewed up some strips.

and made some string blocks. I am going to just make some zip bags out of these. I kind of wish I had enough to make a few more to make a tote bag but some zip bags will be cute too.

I need to go make some coffee. Scott usually does two things every day, makes the coffee and takes the dogs out in the morning before work. Guess who is doing those now. 

Oh just kidding, he beat me to making the coffee ;)
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