Sunday, October 17, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday! Last day of "vacation" before I have to go back to work. I wonder how many emails I will have? I don't think I've ever taken a whole week off of work before (except when I was sick maybe)

Yesterday I cleaned out the car and here is my goodies from one of the antique stores lol. Yes THREAD! $3 a bag and then 20% off. Not too shabby. The little wine bag was .50 and 20% off also. I think I am going to cut it apart and make a zip bag out of it, The little cat is so cute. I also got 2 Tupperware egg takers. I borrowed my mom's once and I cannot for the life of me figure out where it went. I have one of my own also. So I got one for my mom and an extra one for me since we seem to take food over to other places here and there now. They were only $3 each.

Yesterday Scott finally worked on mowing/weed eating the yard. I kept not watering thinking he would mow but then he didn't and then it was all over grown and dead. Looks like shit for sure. I am going to try and work out there a little bit every day now that it is not 90 every day. He is making a load for the dumps to get rid of the big green corner couch thing we had and one of the big bookcases. I was going to put it out for free but apparently it fell over in the big wind storm (Scott had put it on the porch). 

I went to the store yesterday and my friend Cassi came along for the ride. I got stuff to make lasagna  for dinner tonight for Scott's birthday. He is working tomorrow and Melissa is too so we are going to do dinner tonight. Also going to make a cake from scratch, we'll see how all that turns out. Oh and meatballs since Melissa doesn't like eating lasagna anymore. One time we had lasagna and then she got a stomach bug. 

When we were out I got some pink curtains from the Grocery Outlet. I'm going to redo them a bit for the living room windows and maybe for the kitchen window too. I saw them awhile back and kept thinking about them. Yes, pink, I know I know but it will look nice with the boring gray.  I need to get a darker paint color for the windows I think. It's all so boring. Not that my house is magazine worthy anyways. 

Apparently Scott isn't making breakfast today so guess I'll make a smoothie.  Off to do things!

Scott was just telling me the thing in his throat makes him snore this morning. He's so funny! I'm like uh I think it might be your weight that's more of a contributor and that thing back there is just hurting from you snoring. Trevor was telling me I snore a lot too. Sucks being fat. Definitely going to be working on that now too.

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