Saturday, October 9, 2021


Hello Happy Saturday!!

Today is the little guy's birthday party. It's not til 2 though so I have some time to putter around. Currently working on doing laundry so I have some clothes to take on our ROAD TRIP! I think we will leave tomorrow. 

Yesterday I went to the Dr and my blood pressure was pretty high while I was there. It is NOT that high when I'm at home. what's funny is that it was just a bit higher than it was in the past when I had to ASK for blood pressure meds and this time it was like I was being a bad girl because my prescription had run out and I stopped taking them (it wasn't too high at home so figured it was ok).  My doctor is all about prescribing meds and doesn't even say hey maybe you should try to eat healthier. I grew up in a household where meds were like the enemy (my mom is still very anti-meds) so I'm like yeah yeah I'll just work on my diet (again, sigh).  I also asked about getting a pap smear and a mammogram since they never ask about that. So I have the pap smear scheduled and the paper to call for a mammogram. Maybe I'll be healthy when I'm 50 lol. I did pretty good when I was turning 40 lmao.

After my appointment I ran to grocery store to get stuff to make macaroni salad. I asked Trevor if he wanted me to pick up something for lunch and he said Togos or Subway so I went with Togos. I haven't been in there in a long time but this is how you order now.

I'm like what? is this? lol. So annoying! I'm like do we go behind the counter and make our sandwich too?  Before you would go up to your sandwich maker and have a little chit chat while they make your sandwich. When I was doing the check out it has a spot for tip and I'm like what am I tipping for? Hey thanks for doing your job without having to actually talk to me. Sheesh. Yes I'm 100 years old now.

Came home and went back to work for an hour and a half and then I was off!

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen. Found the kitchen table again (sheesh everyone's dumping ground) and wiped counters down and stuff. Picked up the living room a little since it wasn't too bad. Just need to clean out the entry way's crap and that part of the house is clean again. 

I cooked some chicken I picked up for dinner so we'd have something to eat before darts. I wasn't hungry but I got the boys fed. Trevor came with us to sub for one of our partners since they were out for a wedding. Trevor did really good and won several games. He's like oh it's just beginners luck lol. Scott was being his usual self where he has to keep trying to change up darts all this and that instead of just relaxing and having fun. I only missed the board a couple times and got the winning points for the last game! Much improved haha.

I have to go pick up the pizza for the party at 1. Hopefully that goes smooothly lol. Just over to Costco.

Jess brought over the cushions I covered for the rocking chair she had. She said the rocking chair died so it was going out so now I can take the fabric back off and use it for something else lol. I might see if they fit on the rocking chair I have but I think they are too big. Tina LOVES the cushion lol.

Cats are so funny! Well when they aren't scratching my couch anyways. Well that's all I've got for this morning, have a great day!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hate making dinner more than anything. My ideas are apparently not endless. I need a 1950s wife to cook and clean for me

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