Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday after work I worked on dispersing the dirt pile. Yes, I still had that big pile of dirt that got delivered forever ago. I've worked on it on and off and Daniel did a big chunk of filling up the trench where the dirt caved in for the leach line. I pretty much just went along and added more and then put some in the back where it needed it. There's probably about 10 more wheelbarrow's full to move around. Hard to tell in the picture. The neighborhood cats have been using it as a litter box so that was pretty disgusting too. If I ever order more dirt from this place it will have to be something less sandy. Eventually we will need more in the back yard I think to flatten it out. Some day! I tried to mow the side and back yard some more but couldn't get the lawn mower started with the janky shoe string someone put on it for a pull string. I worked until it got too dark then came in and made dinner.

Also maybe some day someone will take care of that house back there. When we first moved to our house this lot had this giant old boat and tons of garbage piled all along the fence. The man died a few years after we moved here. The woman ended up going to a care home for years because she kept falling (from drinking...) and breaking herself. She had a son who was a lot like Scott's sister with some kind of damage from falling when he was a baby. He went to a care home and then a step sibling took him to another state I guess (he's in his 70's now). The woman's sister apparently owns the house now and plans on moving there "after heart surgery" my other neighbor says. From what I've heard the house is FULL like a hoarder (and it's a split level) so I don't know how an elderly person who's had heart surgery is going to be fixing it up. Maybe I can plant some bushes along the fence line  since 1/2 of the lot is mine now. I don't want to do any trees because of the leach lines. 

Got to work this morning and moved all my stuff from my temporary desk to my boss' office. I was like so many people walk through this area I might as well sit at my desk (the whole having to be in a closed room is stupid anyhow IMO). She told me to move my stuff into her office (we're all mostly still working at home anyways). So  I got everything dragged into here now. The plus is that there is a printer in here so I don't have to walk down the hallway (put mask on each time etc).  Our NEW printer/copier is already broken! Ridiculous. 

Ok lots of stuff to do today! Have a good one!

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