Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dentist, Electrocution and Book Club, Oh My!

Yesterday I went in to the dentist because the whole side of my face hurts. Awesome. This was my first time at the new place I've been taking the kids. I went about a year ago to the other place.They started off by doing some x-rays, then an exam where he told me I have some other issues but the main problem is the tooth I need a root canal in. It's only going to cost $1300 but my freaking mouth is killing me so I have to get it done. The specialist comes once a month so I'm scheduled for November 4th. Thank God we have Care Credit and can get 12 months for no interest. :sads: Oh and when they were done with the exam they cleaned my teeth. I think I got a girl fresh out of school because it took her FOREVER and I don't think I've ever had my teeth cleaned quite like that before.

After that, since I didn't have any actual work done I decided to just go to work. I worked from 1:30 until  about 5:30 so at least I didn't miss too much time.

TODAY I went to the dermatologist. I scheduled this appointment like two months ago. That's how long it takes to get in. The only appointment I could get was for 8:30 in the morning. I went in and got a good looking over to make sure I didn't have any cancer growing on me. He said everything looked good. When he was done with that I asked him if he could take off a little mole on the side of my nose and he said sure. He used this little wand thing to ELECTROCUTE it off. OH MY GOD. I jumped about a mile when he first touched me with it. Told him he needed some handles on the chair! It didn't take long but it really hurt. BUT the hurt was over when he stopped touching it and it's already gone. Weirdest thing ever! He said it would take three days but it's gone!

The Dr. is really nice and he explains everything. Although I have no idea what the hell he is talking about with all the different kinds of moles or whatever. I needed a chart or something. The receptionist there is one of those look down your nose snooty types. When people are like that it really takes a lot for me not to ask them what the heck their problem is. Maybe it's something when you get older, but I have zero tolerance for rude people. I'm just as good as you are, even if you don't see it. So there ;)

Tonight I went to the Christian book club for that book The Predator. Twice as many people showed up. Everyone goes to church together but me. The little heathen.  Oh well. The next book we are going to read is The Swan House. They don't have it at the library OR the paper back swap site so I had to order it from Amazon (ordered a used one for $4 something). One lady seemed a little distraught that they didn't have it on the Kindle. Oh darn, you're going to have to hold a real book!

Everyone there was really nice. It's nice hanging out with a bunch of women. It's funny though since one gal was talking about how she doesn't really like romance because it's so fake. Of course that got everyone talking about how unromantic all our husbands are. Then one woman whipped out her phone and read this really nice text her husband wrote her telling her how glad he was that they had met on that day (30 years ago) and how lucky he felt to have her for his wife. So there are a few men out there like that. I think he should give out lessons!Pin It

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Chris H said...

Dentists here charge the earth too.
I hope your tooth doesn't give you too much pain until you can get it fixed.

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