Monday, October 10, 2011

Wine Strolling!

Sunday night I went to the Wine Stroll with a friend.

We met downtown and picked up our wine glasses. 
The first place we went had this enormous spread of food. It was amazing!
Plus they had Almond Champagne. Delicious! 

We strolled up and down the streets that were participating. 

Check out the gals in this hair salon! 
They were the only ones that did anything like this. 
Pretty smart!

We had a lot of fun. 
We went to a little restaurant/bar and had a purple hooter at one point. 
That was pretty yummy!

We had a great time. 
Definitely want to go again the next time they do it. 
Although all the wine does seem to taste the same after awhile ;))

Do you like wine? 
What's your favorite?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG that sounds like such fun!!
I love wine. But I don't care for white wine. I love red and Cabernet Sav is my favorite, but I love Chianti, Pinor Noir etc. Dry red wine is my favorite.

Next time I'll join ya!

Chris H said...

I don't like wine. Well more to the point, it doesn't like me!
I get pissed on one glass!

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