Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinner at Bedtime

Sheesh I'm exhausted! Got home from work and made my grocery list on the computer. Then I realized it wouldn't print because I was out of one of the ink colors. So I had to go and write it all out. Glad I wasted time doing an excel sheet ;) While I was doing that the kids were all trying to kill each other. The next one that calls someone stupid is cleaning the cat box. With their hands. KIDDING.

Trevor went with me to the store. We finally got home at almost 8:00. Yeah. Just in time to make dinner. We had tacos and this avocado salsa which was made with a few variations. Like, I forgot to get green onions so I just put in some regular onions. And I think I forgot to put the cilantro in. And the hot sauce. Yeah. So kind of not like that.

But it was good anyways. If you're not making it for a party you should cut the recipe in 1/2 at least. Hopefully the avocado isn't too disgusting tomorrow so I can eat it for lunch.

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