Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cupcake Thank You and Taxi Service In Full Swing

I made my friend (the one who made the cupcakes for the shower) a thank you card tonight. What do you think?  It's not perfect but it was made out of scrap paper (and rick rack) so it was basically free.  Well except for the gift card that's in there :)

Today has been a long day! I should be in bed but ::yawn:: I just got done paying bills so I'm rewarding myself with some pinning and words with friends. And of course, blogging.

So the last few days have been car challenging. Mostly for Jessica but OMG! I'm about ready to just go to a used car lot and try to finance a car for her. First she had the motor seize up in her car (which Scott is actually working on but it's going to be awhile before it's done) and now she's had a snowball of things happen to the other truck she's been driving.

Monday she sent me a text after school that the battery died. She got a friend to jump it (she had left the lights on) and then she went to the library. She somehow then locked her keys in the running truck. She called me FLIPPING OUT all worried about it running out of gas. It was in a parking spot in a parking lot so I wasn't worried about it too much so I told her to just relax (which didn't work) and called AAA (again). They said it could be 90 minutes and after the last time when we waited 2 hours I called my dad who works at a car parts place and right down the street. He called someone from a local garage to go help her and then AAA actually beat him there. Figures! I never ask my dad for anything other than windshield wipers about once a year. I felt pretty stupid but I guess since I don't ask for much it's ok.  It took the AAA guy a couple tries but he got the door open. Then she sends me a text: the gas gauge didn't even move LOL (.) At this point I was a nervous wreck since I was 1.) at work and 2.) everyone was there and could hear what was going on and 3.) most of them don't have kids let alone teenagers so they have no idea. NO IDEA.

So then TODAY (that was yesterday remember) I was waiting for the bus with the little kids when she says the truck is broke and to come back home and drive her to school. When she put it in gear the gear shift would move but not the actual GEARS. So I had to drive her to school (20 minutes) then go back the opposite way past our house (20 minutes) and then onto work (30 minutes). By the time I got to work I was ready for a 2nd cup of coffee. Oh and then I had to go pick her up after work/school too. I'm re-earning my title as "Mom Taxi" here today!

Scott fixed the truck when he got home so hopefully it's working tomorrow. Cross all your fingers and toes for me will you? (or donate your NEW and FREE car to us, uummkay?)Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Trust me you wouldn't want my vehicle.
The thank you card is cute as a button....good job. Your Martha Stewart ways are becoming annoying......I have no talent Julie! :-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

NO IDEA. That's the part I loved.

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