Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unspooky Halloween Please

Am I the only one that doesn't really like the spooky gory side of Halloween? I also hate to dress up for Halloween. Right now I have two parties that people have invited me to go to but I really just don't want to dress up. Can't I just wear something cute that's not a costume?

Maybe if I was a twig I'd feel different. Then I could let my a$$ets hang out and look all sexy. Yeah, somehow I still don't think I'd like it.

I don't know why I'm like this, I just am.

And please don't try to get me to go into a Haunted House. The last time I started to go in one that "wasn't scary" I had one person jump out at me and saw hacked up body parts on a table and I was right back out through the exit. I guess I'm a wuss.

Same goes for scary movies. No thanks! Somehow I got tricked into watching White Noise once and I haven't been able to hear static on the radio in the car without freaking out since.

For some reason I'm perfectly o kay with watching Ghost. Go figure.

Now if you want to have a sweet little Halloween/Fall party with cute decorations I'm all for it. Just don't answer the door in a costume that's squirting blood. Umm kay?

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Jennifer Owens said...

I'm with you - I can't do the gory, gross parts of Halloween either. And I hate scary movies! I like fall parties and cute costumes and pumpkin carving, but that's about it!

Anonymous said...



Suburban Correspondent said...

Me, too! Imagine my dismay at learning that my 9-year-old GIRL thinks the gross stuff is funny...

Chris H said...

I hate scary movies too... and yes.. I LOVE GHOST too! It's not scary though that's why.

Mackenzie said...

Amen Sista! My Halloween decorating includes pumpkins other fall items like leaves and corn stalks. Nothing spooky for me thank-you-very-much.
Found you at black tag diaries link up.
-Mackenzie @ www.fridayngithdatenight.blogspot.com

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