Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book Club Ladies Night Out

Last night I went down to the club bar and hung out with my book club ladies. They did this once before but I couldn't make it that last time. It was nice just sitting around chatting with them all. They really crack me up sometimes!

The color is messed up on this one, sorry, someone took it with a cell phone. That's me on the right and my mom next to me. And look, those are some DELICIOUS tequila sunrises. $3. Love our little bar!

This is the woman in the middle. She's not in the book club but everyone is friends (or enemies!) out here.

There was two more gals there (one from book club) but she left before the pictures started.

You'd think since we aren't anywhere near the same age (closest to me is 10 years older) we'd have nothing to talk about but we never ever run out of material. My favorite from last night? Talking about tattoos.

Someone was telling us about this woman who was about 75. She told a group of ladies she wanted to show them a mouse tattoo that she had got. So she pulls open her pants, looks inside and says

 "OH my pussy must have ate it!!"

 Baddump ump.

Of course the one that was telling the story is also about 75 which cracked me up to no end. Not your old stodgy Grandmas here!Pin It

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Jennifer Owens said...

A book club sounds like so much fun. I need to start one or go to one - seriously!

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