Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bad Teacher

Woohoo I have 101 followers on Pinterest now. Why does that excite me so much?

Last night I went over to my friend's house and we picked up some Chinese food and watched a Redbox movie. It was a fun girls night :) Even though Trevor was there in the other room watching his own movie. A fun night out for under $20!

We watched Bad Teacher. Have you seen that yet? While the movie is funny I can just imagine if someone like that was one of my kid's teachers. Although I had a teacher that was KIND of like that. But it was a man. And he was old. 

It was my Freshman year Biology class and it was his last year teaching. I remember getting extra credit for bringing gold fish in for his fish tank. Every time we'd have a test he'd give us a bit of time to cram right before it. Every Friday was movie day. He'd put in a movie and then doze off. He'd wake up and then go around the room waking up all the kids. I learned a lot in that class ;)

At the end of the year we got to take goldfish home from the tank. My mom had a little fountain in her backyard and we put them in there and they lived FOREVER. I think she finally let them go in the lake.

Did you ever have a "bad teacher"?
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