Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh The Things I Have Done..

I've done a lot of things in my 37 years.

  1. Had 3 C-sections
  2. Handed out Coke coupons in a grocery store
  3. Been a coupon maniac (too bad it wasn't at the same time as #2!)
  4. Had 9 cats (rescued a mama and her babies plus my 2)
  5. Climbed in an attic (twice) to rescue those kittens
  6. Stayed in a fancy hotel room ::bowchickawowwow::
  7. Went camping for an anniversary trip because that was all we could afford
  8. Went to college
  9. Dropped out of college after one semester
  10. Worked in a factory that sold stuff to maintenance water beds
  11. Quit that job
  12. Drove to Oregon and Washington with my Grandparents
  13. Ate at every Denny's between California and Washington and back 
  14. Prayed PLEASE GOD can we go to Taco Bell?
  15. Yelled at one of my kid's teachers
  16. Yelled at one of my kid's coaches
  17. Laid bricks
  18. Pulled out all the grass in my yard
  19. Been laid off (twice)
  20. Worked at several fabric stores
  21. Put my old dogs and my old cat to sleep :sob:
  22. Read a good book

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Annsterw said...

Nice!! Loved the cats and the Dennys memories!!!!!!!!!! HA!

Crystal said...

HOly Denny's aficionado!! I've never eaten at a Denny's. But Mcdonalds...tis my fave!! Great list!

Alison said...

Great list! I love that you've had so many cats at once (because I'm becoming a crazy cat lady-I have 7 right now)

MamaCole said...

wonderful list. Laughed out loud about the Denny's because my parents did the same thing to my brother and I with Bob Evans--I didn't eat there again for about 20 years:)

Chris H said...

Lots of interesting info there!
3 C sections? Ouch.
I had none.

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