Thursday, April 2, 2020

Adventures In Bread

When Scott and I went shopping a couple weeks ago I bought some extra flour and some yeast so I could try to make bread if we ran out. I had never used yeast before, although I've bought it a couple times and then tossed it later.

Yesterday we were down to two pieces of bread so I decided it was time to give it a try! I opened up my trusty Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (wedding present, best one ever) to the bread section and read the tips on making bread and then turned to the White Bread recipe.

Did you know there is milk in white bread? I sure didn't. Luckily I had exactly the amount of milk left that was needed for the recipe. I got it all going and was just as the kneading stage when Trevor came in the kitchen all excited to help. Apparently he watches some baker people on You Tube. Who knew! So I only kneaded the bread for a couple minutes and then he took over.

The bread turned out perfect! I'm so proud of us haha.

This one is blurry but you get the drift. Trevor was saying how it was nice that the edges were a little crunchy and then proceeded to eat 1/3 of a loaf.

I've been doing some of my teleworking from the kitchen table so that when I'm not working I actually want to come sit and work on my sewing stuff. Sitting in the same spot for more than 8 hours isn't really all that fun. Yesterday I walked to the mail box (with out the dogs) on my lunch break. I took my phone but didn't see anything worth taking pictures of.

When I got back I opened the window for a bit and the cats just loved it. I'm just waiting for one of them to bust out the screen though. We need to go around and redo all the window screens. 

The other day I went through the fridge to take a bit of inventory and steamed up all the veggies that I had. Now we have options for dinner and they aren't going bad because I forgot about them.

Last night for dinner we had some grilled chicken (Trevor grilled it, so nice!), generic Rice A Roni (man that stuff is salty) and veggies.

After dinner I went in to work on my little bags again. I went through and picked out some rick rack and got the linings and batting cut to size. Today I need to iron on the batting and then I can start sewing.

Buster has been sleeping on my desk. He slept on a blanket for awhile then kicked that out. Hard to believe he's about 17 years old.

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