Monday, April 6, 2020


Hello again, happy Monday!

I finally finished my pink zip bags on Saturday.

And then I finally had to go back on my word about making masks since they are really pushing for everyone to wear them here. I felt guilty that I have the know how and this huge hoard of fabric.

 Here was my trial run.

Yes I wear my Christmas nightgown year round, don't be judgy, it's comfy ;)

Apparently elastic is now the hot commodity. I have almost used what I had in my stash and my neighbors have been pooling what they have. There is a pipe cleaner for the nose area so we've been getting those together too. 

One thing I won't run out of is fabric haha. 

I also have quite a bit of bias tape so I'll move onto that after the elastic is gone. I ordered some more elastic online but it will be a week or two before it gets here.

Here is the first round I made, there are 2 of each. I've been going down my list of people that asked for them and offering them up. Only 3 left out of the first round and I still have a bunch of people to offer them to.  I put a basket out on my front porch so people can just pick them up.

Yesterday my friend came by and we talked through the window. Tina was all excited to see her and ran up and head butted the glass lol. 

Love that picture. She brought me some really cute fabric to make some masks for her and her family. I need to go wash it first though.  I'm trying to use some odds and ends fabric I have instead of all the super cute stuff, although I have one person that asked for some theme stuff. 

If I go missing I've turned into a mask..

I'm really NOT liking my new neighbor. She's so effing loud. Lets her little dogs run around and then she's yelling for them. Her daughter (I think) has been there too and has 3 dogs. She keeps all but the little one on leashes but she was really yanking on one of them yesterday and yelling at it. She has a small bus they are sleeping in I think. Usually they just stay for the weekend but the bus has been there at least a week now.

I can see myself opening the door and yelling at her. Must.hold.back.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

can you fit a filter in these?

Julie H said...

@Peg, yes they have a pocket

Lorraine said...

Hi Julie! I was just looking at masks on Etsy yesterday and they are a hot commodity. I do not know how to use a sewing machine. I tried hand sewing one but it took forever and it's only one ply thick. If you decide to make more and put them on Etsy, please post about it because I would definitely buy some from you especially because they have the pocket.

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