Monday, April 20, 2020

Well I guess no one else is going to do it

Well I completely fell off my every day blogging there didn't I? Mostly because the days are pretty much the same, work and then sew masks. On the weekend it's just sew masks.

Yesterday though we ended up going over to my mother in laws. Scott goes over there almost every day, but she called with a weird message again and he gets so upset. I think it's mostly because he can't fix her and he feels sad and also anger because he has 5 siblings and he's the only one that helps (besides the sister that lives there that is mentally challenged a bit).

Anyhow so we went over there. She's been staying in bed most of the time and of course then everything hurts. It hurts because it hurts and then it hurts because she's laying in bed all the time. And then it hurts because she's laying in a room that has CRAP piled everywhere and she's just looking at the wall and the ceiling.

Her favorite spot in the house has always been the living room so we got her talked in to moving her bed into there. I was like since we are going to be moving you around, when is the last time you had a shower?


Oh my God.

So we got her into the shower which doesn't work right (no cold water, WTF) and washed her up with a tub and a cup and wash cloth. Poor thing was so exhausted, when we finally got her to the bed she laid back and didn't move. We went to the store and came back and she still hadn't moved.

So needless to say I think we'll be spending a lot more time over there. I was always hesitant to go in and do things because the sister in laws are really mean spiteful people and like to make up stories (like I stole a jewelry box and sold it on eBay WTF)  but obviously they don't GAF about her well being so they can just piss off.

Going to be looking online for some comfy PJ's and bright bedding without holes for her. Sheesh everything in that house if falling apart.  They need a new water heater and I'm like uh now is the time this is ridiculous.  All the plumbing is jacked up and needs to be redone. No hot water in the kitchen but no cold water in the back shower. It makes no sense.  Old people just live with it because they don't want to spend the money. Meanwhile you can't take a shower for months and have to boil dish washing water on the stove.

Stacks of papers, I saw a bag of old mail, she's so worried someone is going to get her name and address and steal her identity or something.

Anyhow, that's how the second half of my Sunday went. I came home and had a drink and ate some Chocolate.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Geez Julie what a horrible situation. You did the right thing. Maybe even flannel sheets from Walmart would be inexpensive as far as sheets go and the flannel may feel good on her skin. She needs to stand up and maybe walk a bit to feel better but I know just laying around on a weekend watching Netflix and being a load I feel terrible and my body hurts. So I get how she must feel being as old as she is. If you go over again I think I'd start with one room and begin to purge. She will never know. Or the paper goods with her name on them you can tell her you are taking them out to be shredded for security. (we did that for an older aunt - she bought it and we could throw things away) I watch the lady across the street never get company, her son and daughter in law live in our development. Come on. She has us to do things for her and I will always do them but it does piss me off that her kids do squat for her. But Rick has a daughter like that too.

Chris H said...

That is really sad. Good on you two for looking after her.

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