Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Banana Bread makes everything better

Hello my friends! How are we all doing today?

Turn off the news, life is better without numbers. Just scrolling the headlines makes me feel depressed. That's enough of that!

Yesterday my blog came in handy once again to look up the last time my daughter Melissa's inlay in her tooth fell out. Who knew this thing would be so handy! It's fallen out 3 times now, and the last time was just over 5 years. So now she has a partial crown. Poor kid. I'm glad that the dentist office was able to help her.

At around three yesterday Scott called me and asked me to go take care of his mom. She had called him and wanted him to take her to the ER when he got home from work. Noooo no no we do not want to take a 90 year old to the ER for her back hurting. I went over to her house and we were able to do a phone appointment with her doctor. He prescribed some pain pills and muscle relaxers for her. Pretty sure she just has a pinched nerve or something, also she has bad osteoporosis. I went to CVS and picked that up for her (wish they had a drive thru like Walgreen's where I go) and then got her a cheeseburger from McD's. She seemed ok when I left the house.

It just irks me that she has 4 daughters. One lives with her and is mentally challenged but the other 3, where are they? No one even comes to take care of their 90 year old mother but my husband. His brother won't even answer the phone when she calls yet thinks everything is his to deal with ($$$)

After I got home I made some dinner but forgot to take a picture. The highlight of the day, gone! haha It wasn't anything exciting just some cut up chicken and rice with the extra gravy from the other night added in .

Oh I do have one picture to share. I made banana bread yesterday.

Almost gone already! I think I might look for a bread recipe now. I've never made regular bread or worked with yeast before but I was thinking I might give it a try. I bought some last time I went shopping.

No sewing again last night. I started to pull out lining fabrics but then had to go take care of the mother in law so that's what I can get back to today.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh how I love banana bread. Looks good!

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