Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Random Tuesday

I just put another round of flea meds on all the animals. We have not had fleas this bad in YEARS. It just amazes me that the only time any of my animals really go outside is to go to the bathroom (dogs only) and we are infested with fleas. We used to just have to do one dose of flea meds and everything would be fine but apparently we either have crappy flea meds now or they are super sonic fleas.

I don't have any Etsy sales to mail out today! First time in awhile. I have not listed anything new since I've been on the mask making binge. I have two more orders to do then I think I have everyone covered that asked for one. I'm going to finish making the ones I have cut out and offer them up on FB and /or put them on my Etsy site then I'm done.

Yesterday I took a break from mask making and didn't sew at all. I have sewn almost every day for weeks. It was nice to take a break. Over the weekend Scott painted my old pattern filing cabinet I got YEARS ago. It has been in the shed with household stuff in it. Since I sell so many patterns now I thought it would be fun to use it for what it's for and he offered to paint it for me.

So since I brought that in I've been doing a bit of rearranging and cleaning up. Trying to straighten up the things the cats keep knocking over all the time. I swear they are like little wrecking machines.

Yesterday I worked on putting some more fabric on the comic boards I had. I used up all the ones I had. I think I'm ready to order my bookshelves I really want (again only this time the right size) so I can get rid of the wall of boxes behind me. The bookcases won't be as deep as the boxes so I'll have a lot more room. Plus it will be so nice and pretty :) Here is a link to something like what I am wanting to do . She mentioned that she uses an Ikea shelf. I just went on there to look and they have some nice ones with doors even. Hmmm that might be a better option. Ack too many choices!

Ok off to do something constructive while I wait for some "work" to arrive for me to do. Tonight I'm going to drive up to where Jessica lives so I can help her move back (to my mom's cabin temporarily) tomorrow. They are hoping to rent a house with a friend in May so lets all pray that works out! She's totally over trailer living and the area they are living in.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

So the last photo of the shelving of fabric - is that what you are doing with the IKEA book case? I think that will be great for organization and seeing what you have all at one time. Then again I could have missed the point so if I did, I apologize. I think I need to fetch another cup of coffee to make my brain work

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