Friday, April 3, 2020

TGIF I think

The good thing about the weekend is I don't have to be "working" aka waiting for something to pop up for me to work on for work. So far today I've answered the phone and one email (1 hour in). Oh everyone is showing up now.

I order supplies for 7 offices and it's so funny how people think we can just order Clorox Wipes. Like uh, where you going to get them?

Have you seen this cute idea?

I don't have any teddy bears but Trevor had a little one. I put it in the window and then someone kept stealing it. Finally caught her in action lol. Tina apparently thought it was for her.

Yesterday I got this delivery that I ordered. $40 for a all of that except the extra bag of bananas and onions. The bananas are REALLY green so hopefully they don't take too long to ripen up so we can actually eat them. Scott likes them on the green side but not that green lol

My cray-cray new neighbor got a riding lawn mower. She rode it along the edge of the field across the street yesterday and blew everything she mowed at my yard. Now I know my yard doesn't look that great and needs to be weeded but WTF. You can see the whole street is green. I thought she was going to do a second pass and was getting ready to go out and yell at her but she just went back along the side of her place. If I had a leaf blower I'd go out and blow the whole street into her yard.

I'm starting to need breaks from my coworkers. This one thinks she needs to be touching me at all times. This is her preferred spot. 

There she is again.

I had a killer headache yesterday. Finally remembered I hadn't had any Diet Coke in 3 days. I went over to my mom's cabin to see if she had any over there. Nope. But I did find some Mike's drinks and a candy bar lol. Sent her this message in case she wanted those one day when she went there and they were missing haha.

For dinner last night we had taco/burritos whatever you want to call them. Nothing too exciting but no one went hungry. 

I ended up working on my Etsy store instead of sewing. I finally got all the community cookbooks I had listed along with some other things. I am going to work on it a bit more today too I think. I finally got my laptop away from Trevor for a few minutes.

Oh and yesterday they cancelled regular school for the rest of the school year. Now they are going to do online or packet pick up that will be graded starting April 20th. We'll see how that works out.

Might have to go to the store this weekend. My neighbor has been using Instacart or something like that to get things delivered. Might check that out too.
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