Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Weekend

It's Monday again. No celebrating here. I wish I could just do what I want Monday-Friday too lol.

I think not having the transition from home to work and work to home kind of sucks. I mean I'm just jumping up and running in and setting up the work laptop. Coffee, where's my coffee..

So what did I do this weekend? I sat in my theater window and watched the show outside. My new neighbor is freaking cray cray to the max. I'm not sure exactly what happened but my garage band neighbor's dog ended up at the new neighbor's house. She apparently thought the dog was lost and was going to put it in her back yard and call animal control. At the same time she had the dog I could see the garage band dad come through the field. Next thing I know garage band mom and kid are over there too, every one is yelling calling each other fing this and that. Eventually the garage band people are holding their dog's collar (big lab) and dragging him home to their house.

THEN the sheriff showed up, went to both their houses, a second sheriff came and eventually it was quiet for a few hours.

My other neighbor saw it all happen and apparently garage dad hit the cray cray neighbor, broke her glasses, she fell and had a seizure. I couldn't see all that since their car was in the way but OMG what craziness. All because she was trying to help the dog (but her mouth probably got in the way too).

Before all that happened I joined in on the Easter Car Parade around the neighborhood. We drove around the neighborhood for about an hour and waved to everyone. I didn't get around to decorating my car but still joined in. It was nice to see everyone. We have a lot of old people in our neighborhood so they enjoyed the show lol. Oh and the Easter Bunny who is usually at our egg hunts was riding in the back of a truck so that was fun for the kids too. I took this video at this big loop street to share. You can't see the truck 2 behind me with his huge Trump flags flying though, oh darn.  Attempting to upload that to You Tube since blogger said it's too long. 

Other than that I was sewing masks all weekend. I mailed my friend Laurie one and she got it.

This is someone I met through doing the craft shows and her daughter. Her daughter is required to wear one for work now.

Then I changed my program and cut a ton of fabric and laid them out but colors and when I got to someone on my list I let them pick what they wanted out of those (although I do have some fabric in the dryer I need to go get of some other requests). This is helping me get through my list much faster! I can see the end! When I'm done I will sew up what I have left and put it in my Etsy shop I think. Or offer them up to friends on Facebook. Not out to get rich on this stuff but I am using all my supplies and have spent money on elastic (some day it will come in the mail...) and stuff. 

I had another visit from my friend and her mother in law! So funny, she calls me and we talk to each other through the window. Love it!

This is the first year in like 20 years I haven't had to kill myself getting ready for Easter. No one came over, it was just my 2 boys and me. We ate nachos for dinner and I sewed all day.

Melissa went to the park and found a tiny kitten in the middle of the grass with nothing else around. She's attempting to bottle feed it, I hope it makes it through, it's so tiny. 

Ok off for another cup of coffee and back to work!
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