Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Shelter in place day 5 million 86

Shelter in place day 5 million 86. Feels like it this morning anyways.

I was thinking Trevor had to start his school work this Monday but he actually has one more week since this was when they had scheduled "spring break". Kind of crazy.

I've been working on writing letters and doing checklists for work for the last week and a half. I'd probably be done already if I had the folders in front of me. Instead I have to look at everything online. If it's not online I have to ask one of the girls at work to upload it (we have 2 girls trading off staying in the office). Half the time they can't find it, so that's fun.

After work yesterday I cut out some more fabric for masks (requested prints), washed 5000 dishes and got dinner going. Trevor grilled the chicken for us. That is nice that he likes to do that.

I had to order more flea meds yesterday. Everyone is still scratching even though they all got a dose. Everything should be here tomorrow so I'll dose everyone up again. I swear my dogs are hardly ever outside so we had some super power fleas to infest everyone (cats are indoor only).

I only got 3 more masks finished up last night and then it was 10pm and time for bed.

My friend Dee stopped by to pick up her masks I made her. She also brought me a wheelchair to use for Scott's mom if she needs it. His mom is feeling a lot better now that she's got some antibiotics. 

OMG you have to go watch this woman cut her hair lol. She's hilarious

 lady cutting her hair

Ok that's all I've got for today! Have a good day everyone!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

At least you are able to keep busy. I am amazed at the people who never have cooked a meal for their family or that have ever cleaned their own homes. WTH? I've been doing something wrong apparently. Because we are still working - more like part time - we are enjoying the hell out of this except the weight gain. Oh my! I must start a diet and that is so hard when stuck in the house with shingles and being fined if outside lolly gagging around. ($2,500 fine) BTW, I asked about your masks and mine that I ordered a month ago showed up. Figures.

Julie H said...

@Peg if you want another let me know I'll add you to my list.

Chris H said...

Ha ha.. yeah I watched her the other day... she did a half decent job. There's also one of an old fulla using shearing scissors to cut his hair... I spent the entire time cringing thinking he was going to cut off his ear!

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