Tuesday, October 11, 2022


Good morning, happy Tuesday! I am working from home today since I still don't have much to do. My boss is back from her sick leave today but said she's working from home and her email isn't working so doubt I'll get anything from her. At some point I'll probably be sending out the end of year letters.

Yesterday I finished up my stack of stuff, finished these plus some more

A few more Eeyore out of the stack I had cut

and now the scrap can is full so I'm working on those. Already got them cut into strips and sorted out the black ones, going to sew them together into rolls like I always do

I figured out how to watch that show Alone. It is on the History channel and you can stream it for free. So started Season 1. (Only Season 6 was on Netflix).

Darts tonight! I hope I can win some games again :)


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