Thursday, October 20, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday

This is 10 minutes of my morning when I'm at work. The sun going across all those little windows blinding me. 

On my lunch yesterday I took the bags of stuff left over from the garage sale/free stuff to the hospice shop thrift store and donated them. All my skinny clothes are now gone. Maybe some day I'll buy new ones but probably not since you know, food is delicious.

I went to the "hot plate" Mexican place for lunch. Hard to believe this is cheaper than going to McDonalds. Well until you tip but that's on you lol

My dogs were so excited when I got home, they all thought I had died. 
Tina has a game with Simon now, I guess they'll just be best buds soon. Usually she's making this god awful meowing cry like she's torturing her but she's just playing.

I worked on my dog bags some more yesterday. Got all the batting cut and zippers matched up. I got the batting ironed on to the big ones just have to do the small ones. My friend Cassi texted me she was down at the bar if I wanted to hang out so I went down for a bit. 

Working from home today. I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing since my new boss seems a bit checked out. I keep trying to wait for direction since why do extra lol. But usually I think I've done quite a bit more by this time of year. I asked once already about doing letters and I was told not yet so we'll just wait I guess! I did a little bit of shredding yesterday but the shredder we have now can only work for about 20 minutes and then it needs a 20 minute break. So annoying. 

On Season 7 of Alone. This one is whoever makes it to 100 days. Wonder if someone will do it. I won't let myself Google anything about the show while I'm watching so I don't spoil it for myself :)


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