Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I almost got all my wine totes sewn up. 5 to go. I need to find another free collage thing. All the ones I used to use charge now.

Oh well here they are, Only a few that aren't Christmas. that I had cut out before and had in my unfinished projects box.

So news on my dad, he's maybe getting a pace maker at 3:30 today, hopefully he can make it through with the anesthesia. His heart rate was super low yesterday so I'm hoping it's not just going to give up.

He's been through a lot, he had really bad lymphoma over 20 years ago. Amazingly he has been in remission all these years.

The trip to Oregon for my mom and Trevor is off.  Not only because of my dad being sick but the friend they were going to move had to change her plans because her brother said at the last minute that she couldn't bring her dog. What a jerk. I guess she found some friends that will let her stay with them. Apparently she's trying to sell her house and move down here to be closer to the better doctors. She has cancer all over her body. I think she was being over zealous for how sick her body is. Would have been better just to stay put. I'm sure all the stress isn't helping her system.

I feel bad for Trevor but he took it well. If Scott wasn't busy taking care of his mom I'd say lets just go on a trip. Someone has to take care of the dogs though

Yesterday the soon to be boss sent out and email asking everyone what days they were planning to take off for the holidays. I asked her when she was going to be my boss? She said good question lol. Already worried about what days we are taking off and she's not even our boss yet :(

I only had a few days in for Thanksgiving time that already got approved so I should be good.  About to take ALL the days off lol.  If only we didn't need insurance. Scott has a really expensive blood thinner or I'd be tempted to just quit and get something on our own. I'd be dumb to quit though since it's so easy. We shall see how it goes when the new things happen. Currently my boss at the moment hasn't asked me to do anything in a week. I asked again yesterday about the letters and rolling apps (that will take me like a week to do probably) and she said no news on when to do them yet. I kind of think we are just supposed to do them and not wait for someone to tell us.. but I'll let her be the boss ;)

My house is cold this morning! Might have to clean out the heater soon so we can fire it up for a few minutes in the mornings to take off the chill. Or I can just put socks on, that might help. I already put a sweater on

Ok off to do something productive! Anyone watch anything good on Netflix or Prime lately? 


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