Monday, October 17, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! Working from home today since, why not? 

Yesterday I hung out with my mom a bit and straightened up my desk while we were chatting. Then I worked on my horse zip bags and coin purses until I had to go babysit.

This little guy is blurry because he RUNS around lol. 

Helping to do some laundry

This little girl definitely has some lungs on her. She reminds me of Jack Jack from the Incredibles when he gets mad and his head turns into a flame ball lol.  It is definitely weird baby sitting when big Daniel is there and sleeping (He works over night). But little D was happy playing in his room and then later taking a nap. 

Scott brought me something to eat for dinner and was hanging out and then Big D came out and put on the football game. I was like I'm going to go home and change my shirt (had baby barf on it) and when I got back his brother was there too so 3 guys watching football and both the kids were asleep. I sat there for a minute and then was like I'm going home call me when you need help while you get ready for work. 

He told me he was going  to start getting ready at 8:50 so I was on my way over there and Jess said she was on her way home (and Scott was still there) so I just cleaned up Daniel's toys a bit and we hung out for a few minutes after Jess got home and that was it. 

So I'm not sure if it's better babysitting over there or not lol. At least the dog wasn't trying to lick the baby to death. 

In between all that and going to bed I finished up my horse bags

Now to do some dog ones. My mom's friend asked for these themes but it is nice to have them for my booth and she can pick the ones she wants from what I make.

It almost cold enough this morning for a little heater. Maybe I should just go put more clothes on lol.

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