Sunday, October 16, 2022


 Good morning happy Sunday! Yesterday was like 12 days long. I woke up super early to get everything set up for the garage sale. I was set up by 7 and had a customer come around 7:30 and she spent about $40. That was about my only good sale all day lol. Definitely less people that the last time they did it.  My mom made about $50 I think. We left everything up and made it from from 2 until about 8 when we packed everything up. I just put out what was left of my stuff in case someone comes by. Not too bad for how much I started with. This is all going to go to the thrift store donation if no one takes it. Nothing I really want to bring back into the house. 

My cousin Kim came by the garage sale yesterday so that was nice to see her. She seems like she is much healthier than the last time I saw her. She's always been super tiny. I remember going shopping with her and Aunt Judy and she'd have to buy her jeans in the boys section. 

Babysat this guy for a couple hours after the garage sale, which means I ran the vacuum around and straightened stuff up so hey now my house is pretty clean haha. 

These dogs are so funny, Simon and Snookie were like fighting over who could lay next to Rusty. Then they all were in a pile. Rusty is like help Mom!

Just made us a late breakfast and my mom washed up the dishes. Had some visitors to the free pile woohoo take it all lol.  Going to try and work on the horse fabric bags for a little bit now. I'm going over to Jessica's to babysit in a couple hours while she goes to work.  Mom is getting her stuff straightened up out back before she leaves to go home. Too bad tomorrow is Monday already. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am putting together things to sell but I can't do a garage sale. I don't want to sit there all day. You have more patience than me. well, most people do. :-)
Glad you did so well.

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