Thursday, October 13, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Today is almost like a Friday since I have tomorrow off but it is to go to the dentist. Whomp Whomp. I hate the dentist it gives me so much anxiety now. 

My mom's friend wanted most of the little black and white coin purses I made but wanted one more than I had so I went looking in my stash for black and white cats and found this cute fabric. I got them all pieced together. now to cut linings and batting. I ordered more little zippers since I'm out of black but I think I will just cut down the big ones I have since I had ordered like 100 of them. 

I need to do some cleaning and getting ready for the garage sale today. My house is a huge mess and grossing me out. Doesn't take long to get so messy when you have a small house and too many animals. And a teenager who likes to cook but not clean up his mess. 

A friend of a friend just found out she has thyroid cancer. She has 2 little girls (single mom) and takes care of her mom. Life is just not fair sometimes. I get so pissed off when I see "things happen for a reason". No they don't! Life is just f&cked sometimes. 

My friend asked me if I wanted a catio the other day and I said sure but then she brought it over and it's more of an indoor catio. Then Trevor brought it in the house and it is sitting in the middle of my living room :( I think I'm going to tell her it isn't going to work out for me and does she want it back or we can put it in the garage sale. I can't quite figure out how it would work with my windows to put it outside. My windows are all super tall and open sideways (except the living room but I don't want it sitting in the driveway). **Edited to add she said she'll take it back tomorrow, whew!

Just went out to see what Simon was barking at. She was wrapped around some tree cuttings (thanks Trevor) about 500 times so just brought her in. I don't understand that kid sometimes sheesh. Like hey lets cut down a bunch of dead tree branches and pile them up right next to the dog cable. Seems like a good idea. 

Well that is our morning excitement. Super fun haha. Off to get another cup of coffee while I do this dumb audit thing for work. 

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