Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday! 

I finished all my wine totes I had going yesterday, they went a lot faster than I thought. It had been awhile since I had made any. If I sell a lot this weekend maybe I'll make some more.

Today I am going to clean up my scraps again. I think I will make some Christmas coasters for the scraps. I have some animal scraps too I think so maybe some of those also.

I found a sub for myself for darts last night and left work early to go be with my mom while my dad has his surgery. My brother Louie came too and we went to a little Mexican place and had a meal and hung out while we waited. Everything went great and his heartrate went from being like 27 to 74 last night. Amazing! He was even texting me a little. Hopefully he'll feel so much better now. 

It is a bit chilly this morning. I put a towel next to Trevor's door because he has his window open with a fan there and it's like an artic blast when you walk by lol. Hope he doesn't get pneumonia with all that cold air. He probably has 12 blankets on in there. 

No plans for the rest of the week until Sunday for my craft show! Well unless I go to the party on Saturday night at the club. We shall see.


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