Monday, October 3, 2022


 Good morning! Happy Monday! If Mondays can be happy haha. Work today will be dead since it is the beginning of the fiscal year and they close down the website that we do everything on. Working from home and watching the littles later so Jess can go to work. It will be her first day back since having Lilly. 

Saturday I didn't end up doing anything I had planned since we had some family drama going on. We did get the little activity toy thing out for Lilly though. She only sat in it for a minute though, she's still a little bit too young for it.

Scott took us to La Villa for dinner and I had the beef enchiladas instead of my usual tacos. It was so good. 

I attempted to sew a little when I got home but I decided I should just go to bed since I had to get up early for the Lodi Street Faire.  Amazingly I got everything packed up in my car. 

Here was my set up, I ended up taking one long table down since the people to the right of me were right up to my edge and it would make it too hard for people to walk there. I didn't really need it anyways.

The girl on the left of me was basically just advertising her mobile pet grooming business and had a bubble machine she ran almost all day blowing bubbles into my booth.  That was annoying.

My little racks worked pretty well except they took forever to set up and the wind would flick the stuff off every so often. TG only a couple at a time but it would not be good at a really windy event. I need to see if I can find some kind of stoppers for the ends. I was thinking maybe binder clips. I got clothes pins to work on some of them eventually.

My mom came with me so that was nice! I was busy almost all day. It really slows down at 2 though. Almost no sales after that for the last 2 hours.

Getting ready to do inventory but I did a tally list and sold 52 keychains, 77 zip bags, 23 coin purses, 9 mug cozies (at $5 I think I'll put them back at $1 at my next event to clear more out), 9 sets of $4 coasters, 3 mug rugs at $1 (to clear them out), 4 mug rugs at $2 and 2 of the bigger zip bags I call make up bags. So that was good! We'll see if I did my tally's correctly when I actually go through the boxes haha.
I need to work on making up sports, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter and some cat & dogs. Those were the most asked for that I didn't have in zip bags. 

It got a little bit too hot for me toward the end of the day and last night I was suffering. I went to bed and woke up a few times thinking I might throw up. I had a horrible headache too. Still a little off this morning but at least the headache went away. 

My front tire has a little bubble in it so now I can't prolong getting 2 new tires for my car. Thank God it made it home ok since the whole car was stuffed and I'd have to unload all that if I got a flat lol.

Ok guess I'll make myself some coffee and get busy with the inventory!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I had to get 4 new tires. I hate all that money going to tires. I mean I know we need them to go but I'd prefer something better for all that money! Good job on the sales girl!!!

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