Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! My body is sore from cleaning yesterday lol.

Scott's birthday dinner was really nice. We had lasagna, meatballs, raviolis, Caesar salad (bagged) and French bread.

hardly any left overs including cake haha.

Proof I washed the dishes 

On the way to work this morning I was going to take a picture of this pile of crap someone dumped and then I saw the little dog there. I stopped and he came up and smelled my hand after a bit but wouldn't get in the car. I had to go to work so left him. I was going to take him to the animal shelter if I could get him in the car (it is next door to my work). Might go back later and try again. Cute little thing. 

Well onto doing some more work. I saved a bunch of apps to go through for when I was in the office. 


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