Thursday, March 12, 2009

I (heart) the Sun!

Thank you sun for coming out yesterday and making it a lovely afternoon! I slept (and read) until almost 12 yesterday afternoon. Finally dragged myself up.

After the little kids got home I went outside and worked in the yard. I got all my little tree rings on the side of the house, my little flower bed and all along the side of the house cleaned up. My palm of my hand is really sore now! I think I need to buy some garden gloves. I want to pick up some new bright flowers to stick in the flower beds.

Hopfully Trevor makes it through the day at school &&&&crossing fingers&&&& although I doubt he is going to make it since he was coughing still after his inhaler, cold meds and I had him take a Clartin on the way out the door.

Melissa wanted to stay home because her nose was stuffed up but I gave her some meds and sent her on her way. Mean mommy!

I need to actually GO somewhere today. I need to take in the recycling I got bagged up and stop at Costco and get some water and some snacks. Nothing for the kids to snack on around here.

I got up early this morning and took a shower and did my make up. Just need to fix up my hair and I'm good to go!

Jess has a game this afternoon but it's in town (YEAH!!) So that's what we will be doing this afternoon. Wish her luck!!Pin It


Nick James said...

You sound refreshed, I'm happy.

~Sheila~ said...

You got sun?
We got rain and cold.

I hated it. Didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Of course I had to work but not my husband so he sat at home and didn't do anything I asked him to do. Not even get the dogs some food from the grocery store down the street.


Hope the game was good!!

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