Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unproductive Day

I wasn't very productive today. I sat on the computer until about 10.

Then I went back to bed to "read" and took a 3 hour nap. I must have been tired to sleep that long, so I must have NEEDED to rest.

Yaya, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Jessica had a meeting today and about 8 girls showed up that wanted to play softball. YEAH! So they are having open try outs on Monday I guess. The coach pretty much told them if you can play without getting hurt you can play (and have the grades). So the game will go on. Probably not as well since 2 of the best players got kicked off. One had an F by half a percent and the teacher wouldn't budge. Sad but it almost seemed like her parents were lots of pressure so maybe it will be good for her to have some time off (she plays travel ball as well).

I had to go pick her up since the meeting was afterschool and she missed the bus. It's so weird that their school doesn't have a late bus. We had a bus that was for "after school activities" when I was in school so you could get home without your parents having to drive you. That was back in the day when you didn't have to pay to ride the bus either. Ahh the good old days.

Got back from picking up Jess and um read my book some more.

Then I finally got it together and cleaned up the disgusting kitchen and made dinner.

I BBQ'd some chicken. But I had to keep turning the BBQ off because it kept catching on fire inside. Pretty sure it's because it needs to be cleaned inside. Cooked the chicken real quick though lol.

Scott just left and 9 to run to the store and get Jess some athlete's foot medication. Ewwwwwww

Told him to pick up some Mucinex while he's out. Took one of the kids ones this morning and it seemed to help a bit.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. I have a feeling my nephew won't be going to school. He sounded pretty sick today and was saying he wanted to go home and go to bed, which is not normal for a 6 year old.

I should probably go get the tires I need for my car tomorrow morning since I don't have any other plans.

ETA this is my 499 post!! I should, like, give something away tomorrow!Pin It

1 comment:

Mary said...

Wish I looked that nice when sleeping, but no.

499! How exciting! I'm only up to 172.

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