Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you a snooper?

Do you look at your kid's myspace?

Do you read notes that they leave in their jeans?

Diaries and notebooks left in their rooms?

Eavesdrop on their phone calls and conversations with friends?

Read their text messages??

Their emails?

If you do, what do you do when you find things that you don't agree with? Do you confront the teenager and let them know that you were snooping in their stuff? Or just drop subtle hints about things you know about? Or do you just try to work things in to the conversations you have (if you have them?).

It's a fine line we walk being mom's of teenagers.Pin It


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hesitate to snoop! And I'd work it into the conversation if it needed confronting.


~Sheila~ said...

I'm a snooper.

At Dom's tender age...I snoop.
Yup, through his pants cause he leaves EVERYTHING in his pockets (and he has EVERYTHING in there)
Yup, through his drawers, Yup through the phone, Myspace, Facebook, emails.. and Yup, we have discussed something I didn't like and I have just flat out deleted what wasn't appropriate.

He knows.
He'll agree that I snoop.
And...He still loves me.

(I have snooped on Miah and Devyn too but have only come up with stick-figure drawings in random places.)

Chris H said...

Having been the mother of 6 teenagers already (with 2 to go)... I almost NEVER snooped on them.... on the RARE ocassion I did (a mere handful of times) I kept the ill-gotten information to myself. To own up to having read their personal stuff is tantamount to loosing whatever trust you have with them. Teenagers are hard enough to get along with, without putting them offside.
Use what you know in round-about ways... but don't confront them! We used to wait till something similar to what they were doing (that we didn't like) was on a TV programme or similar and then drop comments about how we felt about it.... or talk about someone else's kid who was doing XYZ and kinda drop hints about how 'bad' it was or whatever....
But you know your own kid the best, so whatever works for you!

Gina said...

I don't snoop too much ( who am I kidding) but I do tend to tidy Gem's bedroom a bit more than is necessary and who knows what I may find. So far my 'finds' haven't needed a conversation.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

honkeie said...

I am not as of yet....having 3 boys i most likely will though. I think trying to talk about it in a round about way. Because you know if you come right out with what will happen.....'Mom how could you!'

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