Monday, November 9, 2009

Bob and Weave and Get out your shovel??

Well I had an interesting ride to work this morning! First I saw a bum with an overloaded grocery cart pulling out a shovel to defend himself against a chihuahua that was running towards him. WHICH I might ad, I saw in detail because I had to slam on my breaks to not hit the dog. Yeah did I mention that I live/drive in the sticks? Who knows how long that guy had been walking.

THEN just a bit farther down the road there was some guy holding a clip board waving at me. I think he belonged to the big trailer truck across the street from where he was. Maybe he was broke down or something. Me=not stopping.

Of course next was a car that couldn't hold their speed to save their life. 65/45/60 just pick a freaking speed will you!! And while your at it, would you mind not heading for the telephone poles, you're kind of making me nervous!

Other than my coffee cup deciding to be a drippy cup I made it to work in one piece. Whew. Now if only I didn't have this huge zit coming up on my jaw!Pin It


Jen said...

Now that is an interesting drive to work.

You were ahead of me in roll call at SITS. Just thought that I would stop by.

Chris H said...

Ha quite an interesting drive you had there... shame about the dripping coffee cup.

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