Monday, November 23, 2009

Why should you wear a belt all weekend?

So I totally rocked the laundry on Saturday. TEN loads. DONE, put away!! Go me! Last one went in at like 9:00 at night or something like that but whatever, I got it done and I was good and put it away as I went to I didn't have the totally overwhelming laundry pile to put away.

Now to keep it up. I need to buy some more laundry soap soon! Did you know that there is actually a floor in front of the washer and dryer? It's awesome! But seriously, I thought I had more cute tops. I MUST go shopping soon.

But maybe I should go on a diet first because OMG I might need to shop in the maternity section soon. I'm seriously pushing 5 months  it looks like. Yeah Zexy. And this morning? I couldn't find my belt. Which I need because my fat roll pushes my pants down, and I have no hips or ass to hold it up. SOooo not a pretty site. I got so desperate I dug out one from DH's drawer and sadly it fits. Thank GOD it's the tightest little spot though. I think I would have cried if that wasn't the case.

It's so weird that I can't find my belt because we totally cleaned house on Saturday. My brother in law was coming over (for the first time in probably like 10 years or more?) to bring a turkey. I told hubby ummm we might want to clean up a bit first?? So we had a big group family clean up. Except for Jessica. She's NOISY and even hubby said that it wasn't really worth it to wake her up. Finally seeing things my way! She makes it so stressful. I guess she's pretty smart.

So anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so we cleaned the house and got it good enough except for my bedroom where I had been holed up making bookmarks. We threw all the Halloween boxes and items (don't judge) in there and all over the bed. So his brother calls that he's here. We have a gate out where we live now, and since we hardly ever have anyone over we don't have the number memorized that people need to push to call us and we don't even know what phone number we gave them so we are stupid and he just ran down there to open the gate for him. And I'm all "DON'T TAKE HIM THROUGH OUR BEDROOM", because that is where the backdoor is and we usually go in and out that way.

He comes back. THROUGH THE BEDROOM, with his brother trailing behind him. I'm like OMG seriously? The one disaster room of our house and you just gave him a tour. Did I mention that my BIL's house you could probably eat off the garage floor and it would be perfectly ok? Yeah he's that kind of guy. It seems to have skipped my husband. Sadly.

Anyhow, so he knows we are lazy ass slobs now. He brought a turkey over for us since we are cooking Thanksgiving dinner at the in laws house. After he left Scott saw the price tag on the turkey. $30 For a 24 pound turkey!! Me=only buys turkey under $10. Yeah obviously he's never been a thrifty person. Must be nice ;o)

So anyhow, I think it's rather odd that I can't find my belt after my house is clean and the laundry is done and yes, obviously I wore sweats all weekend but I was WORKING on bookmarks. See, here they are.

Yes one of them is the same as the other day, just with new picture. Glad I could salvage it. 12 more on my list to make then I will be caught up. Love this time of year. Now if everyone will just pay me for them it will all be good!

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Sarah said...

Ha ha..I feel your pain. How can I possibly go to a new town with ALL sorts of new restaurants...oooh! So think I gained like a billion pounds this weekend. Right next to you on the prego list!

Grand Pooba said...

Geez, your belt must hold some sentimental value for you to be so concerned about it missing! lol

Your bil sounds like my bil, a neat freak. And sadly that gene skipped my husband too. I would kill my husband if he took his bil through a messy room! Argghh!

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