Monday, November 16, 2009

How NOT to do a Science Fair Project.

So the funniest thing happened today.  By process of elimination (we had some people out sick) I got to go help judge a science fair for work! It was kind of fun and I was just cracking up at a couple of these.

How NOT to do a science project.

1. Write what you are supposed to do on a piece of paper.
2. Staple it onto the board where it should go.
3. Write title in pencil on the top of the board.
4. You're done!!

1. Pick cool project ie: How do we stop music related plant deaths.
2. Throw leaf down to show how the plant died
3. Write some rambling things the voices in your head told you.
4. You're DONE!

1. Write something on paper. It doesn't matter what, just write it on the paper all crooked like and then affix  it on the board.
2. Glue wadded up tissue paper to the board.
3. You're DONE!!

OMG aren't they histerical?? Sad part is that I heard these projects are like 1/2 of these kids science grades! Someone's going to be grounded. Or not.
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Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

I was a teacher up until I had my daughter in March (still will probably go back at some point). I can completely relate to these and have seen almost the same thing at some point...and I taught high school!

angelina la dawn said...

wow! all i can think is, where were their mothers when they left the house?!

Susie said...

As sad as those projects are, at least the kids did them, themselves. It makes me nuts seeing projects that the parents totally did for the kid without the kids help.

Chris H said...

It would seem that some kids don't like science at all!

Jennifer said...

Forget cake wrecks - these are science fair wrecks :)

Mary~Momathon said...

Great, these kids will probably grow up and be my boss someday. GAH!!!

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