Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally got my act together!

Finally got off my duff today and gathered up all the recycling. Took it in and got $35, not bad for mostly plastic bottles! Then Trevor and I hit Home Depot for some more bark and some paint samples for the bathroom. Those little samples they have now are so cool! I'm thinking I can probably do the little bit of trim in the bathroom with one of them. After that we hit Target to get lots of shampoo and some other house hold crap. Picked up Jess from her friends and then she wanted to go to Wal Mart for some shoes and we ended up having some McD's there.

Trevor got a Happy Meal toy that had a little saucer thing that shot out. I was telling him not to shoot it in the store. Apparently he couldn't help himself and shot it out at the register and it went right between the counter and a fridge. Gone forever. He was so sad. Maybe next time he'll listen?? Doubt it!

Got home and let the dog out while I was unloading the car. Stupid dog wandered off somewhere. And she's black. And it's pitch black outside. Couldn't see her anywhere. Figured I she'd show up eventually. Sure enough about ten mintues later she was outside the back door.  Stupid dog.

I decided to go to Bingo tonight. I've been wanting to go for awhile. They have it every Wednesday night. I was hoping my neighbors and/or some of my book club ladies would be there. Of course they weren't. So asked some people that I had talked to at a Saturday bingo if I could sit with them. I got introductions, guess they didn't remember that I met them before lol. One lady I've been introduced to her about 5 times. Something to look forward to, losing my mind when I get older. Oh wait, that's already happening hehe.

I didn't win any bingo games but I did get an earful of strange? chants and such that they do when the numbers are called. Do they do that at all bingo places or just our strange little place?  It wasn't allowed at the Saturday Night Bingo's so I'm not sure. Definitly weird. One guy can't chanting GO GO GO GO GO after every single number was called. I really wanted to turn around and tell him to shut the f*ck up but I figured that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do :big grin:

Got home and Scott is sleeping. I really wish he worked closer to home and didn't have such a long commute. I swear I get a kiss goodbye when I'm sleeping in the morning, he comes home and eats and then falls asleep in the recliner. Such a life.

Watching the CMA awards. Boy Taylor Swift doesn't sing so great live!! Guess there's a reason some people lip sing! Holy Shitake LeeAnn Rimes has some eyeliner on! Hope she doesn't start crying or any thing it's going to be a mess.Pin It


Barb said...

I need to get my act together too ~ maybe you could send some mojo my way.
As for Taylor Swift, I don't get it. I don't see the talent but my daughter loves her.
And I thought LeAnn was looking a bit rough too.

Designs by Jessie said...

I really need to recycle. I just get so annoyed. They already charge me a recycling fee anyway so what is the incentive? We don't have the money exchange thing here like in CA ..

I didn't watch the CMA last night. I knew TS was going to be a huge draw, but im kinda over her after all the press the last few weeks.

Mary~Momathon said...

Honestly, I think my daughter is so very much more talented than Taylor Swift! I may be a bit biased, but I'm sticking with my opinion!

I need to get my act together. Is Bingo with the senile the key to getting it all together? I haven't tried that yet. Sounds amusing!

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