Tuesday, June 1, 2010


OMG you guys!! I did Zumba again today. First I strapped on not one but TWO sports bras
(am I the only one that has nipples that cut glass after breastfeeding 3 kids??) and a tank top (can you see me in your head? Flat chested uniboob with little headlights?) and a pair of shorts I THOUGHT were going to stay up around my big fat stomach.

Seriously, I need some suspenders.
Or maternity shorts.
AND NO I'm not pregnant.
I just have a mexican food baby.

I grabbed a water and headed down to the club house and got there in plenty of time to shake my thing! She went a little slower today and actually showed us some of the steps and I feel like I got a great workout this time.

A little less Baby (from Dirty Dancing, you know "I carried a watermelon")

and a little bit more like she was when she was getting ready to get down and dirty.

Well maybe not that good.

My legs are like butter.
I'm kind of scared about what I'm going to feel like tomorrow!Pin It


Chris H said...

The only thing you have to worry about with your 'headlights' is if they are on FULL BEAM or DIP! I prefer FULL BEAM... but sadly mine are on DIP most of the time! Breastfeed 6 kids and you will know what I mean. lol

honkeie said...

My wife does the samething with the double sports bra...too funny. And on the topic you mentioned before misery loves company, I sit infront of a phone 8 hours a day. Let me know if you want to share sob stories.

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha - I feel the double sports bra pain. I have a really great supporting "Jogbra" that does a fairly decent job, but it's the only one. And I paid $30 for it-ON SALE!!! That's absurd.
I am just doing the treadmill for now but I keep hearing rave reviews about Zumba. I think I'll give it a try after I take off some more weight.

Susie said...

I can relate to the highbeam thing...sucks! Good for you doing zumba again!

Janera Jepson said...

Hi Julie-
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