Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little less taxi service soon!

We've entered new territory here at Mom Taxi Julie's house.

Someone else is learning how to drive!
The driving instructor showed up
(finally after walking him through all the steps to get to our house,
gotta love living in the sticks)
on Thursday afternoon.

After he got here I realized Jess was wearing flip flops so I sent her into change her shoes.
The guy was busy on his cell phone telling the dispatcher she sent him to the wrong place.

(I wish she didn't make those goofy faces all the time now)

Melissa's watching her sister get her hour lesson before they even take off
(ok not really but they sat their forever!)

And then finally they drove off.

She had a two hour lesson.
They drove to town, in town and then back and around our neighborhood.

When they got back I asked her if he had to use his brake and she said he used it like EIGHT TIMES!!
So hopefully he was just a spaz like she said and she really wasn't driving that bad lol.

Now she thinks she has to drive everywhere we go!
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Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Hubby told me to tell you that it isn't a rat rod it is a modified 1946 Chevy truck so he considers it a hot rod/street rod.

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