Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Allergic To Winter

I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to winter. 

(how gross is this tissue box cover!?!)

Because, yes, once again, I'm sick. What's weird is this time it started in my chest. Which is nice, since it bypassed the whole head full of snot phase, but not so nice since I'm attempting to cough up a lung. The lung isn't cooperating too much though, although I do slightly pee my pants every so often. Getting old is freaking fantastic!

I've been sick since Monday. I made it to work all week, and yes, my coworkers love me. One of them is blaming me for her losing $400 in wages, having to go to the doctor and getting antibiotics. I think she's a fucking pussy. I made it into work, why couldn't she? (KIDDING!) 

Seriously though it pisses me off that she's BLAMING me for getting her sick when she didn't even have anything like I did. I had a cold, she had a fever, the runs and puking. Yeah sounds the same to me. (and who gets antibiotics for the flu?) 

I need to find someone to put the blame on for my latest. I'm only slightly enjoying the high I get off of my expired inhaler and cough syrup with codeine. I'm kind of wishing I would have just picked up a bottle of whiskey when I went to the store. That would help me sleep and feel all nice and warm inside.

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Annsterw said...

Hillarious post - I too am allergic to Winter! icky!! I am sooo jealous of the Kid Rock thing!!! I just LOVE him!! I may just be stalking you soon since you MUST live close - LOL!!! If you bump into him...just give him my blog and email and later you can be my Maid of Honor - :-)
Hope people get a little happier at work - LOL!!!!

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