Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday, I had to throw in the towel. Admit defeat.  I was done. I couldn't do it. It wasn't going to happen. I could no longer keep up with the 70 and 80 year old members at book club.

After spending the whole weekend just being lazy. Only  exerting myself with  one load of laundry (I realized that was way too much work), taking a shower (hair grosses me out after 20 hours),  picking up some scrapbook supplies (ran out of tape runner), and sitting in a chair in my room (scrapbooking). 

Until Sunday that is. I had to go to book club and I was really looking forward to it. I made sure to do a few puffs on my inhaler before I left. I didn't want to cough on anyone. When I got there I sat in a chair that was back a ways from everyone else, no cozying up on the couch for me! I felt pretty safe in my little old lady rocking chair. I had my little bubble around me. When I had to cough I coughed into my napkin or my sleeve. I hoped no one noticed that I was coughing but I'm sure they did. 

It's rough being the sickie all the time. You have to hide around like a criminal with a pocket full of merchandise hoping you can slip out the door without anyone catching you. Except you have Kleenex in your pocket and you're just hoping no one catches anything FROM you.

When I got home I laid down on my bed. Grabbed my book. Tried to read. But my chest ached. Coughing. Coughing. I looked at the clock and wondered if Urgent Care was still open. I called and they said they were going to stop taking patients in about half an hour. I felt like it was a sign from God.

I grabbed my book and ran out to the car, yelled at Scott and Jess to tell them where I was going. They were outside playing catch.  I got the "what's wrong" from Scott. Umm have you not noticed that I have been dying for the last 7 days? Jess offered to drive me, nice but not necessary, thanks! I hopped in the car and speed to Urgent Care hoping that I'd make it in time. WHY WHY WHY must you be in the middle of town? Oh man a Highway Patrol car behind me! 

I made it there driving the speed limit (for the most part) and they let me sign in. No one was in the waiting room. ODD. I signed in and people kept popping in from here and there, I guess they had been there before but stepped outside or whatever. If they are closing soon it shouldn't take too long right? It didn't take too long before I got called in and got my diagnosis.

Bronchitis. Again. 

If it wasn't for Bronchitis and the occasional UTI (make sure you pee after sex kiddies or you WILL pay), I hardly ever get sick. Oh wait, I just get Bronchitis every month of the winter. Darn.

The good thing about Urgent Care though is that they don't mess around with the 3 times a day for 10 days we don't really believe you are sick antibiotics.  No they break out the big guns. Take 2 today and 1 for the next four days and your done medicine. I popped 2 on the way home and by the time I woke up this morning I was already feeling quite a bit better. Oh and I slept great thanks to the take 3 tsp even though it only says 1-2 tsp filled with codeine cough syrup. I didn't even have to get up and try to cough up a lung. It was great! I feel like I have so much energy now. It's like I was going on 1/2 power for 7 days and finally have my ALMOST full charge. 

Which has brought me to the conclusion, that we really need to come up with a system. A system for sick moms. Maybe it could work like Paul Revere, someone sends out the message and then it continues on to everyone else. 




BRING FOOD (Chinese food works great)



Then when you are up and going again you aren't smacked in the face with a sink full of dishes, dirty clothes from here to tomorrow, empty shelves of foods for lunches (husband pointed that out at 8:00 last night, guess he thought I'd run to the store or something? THINK AGAIN), wrappers and crumbs all over the living room. 

We need MOM POWER. MOM'S TO THE RESCUE. When one mom goes down a team comes to step in and keep up the fight.

It's good in theory right?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I get bronchitis every damn winter - I so understand.
But hey don't limit this to mom's. I live the same thing and i don't have kids - okay that big one that is 50! I still manage to work, cook, clean, laundry etc when sick. He is sick - he lays down and moans and is a big baby and the world must stop. What the hell is that about? We women plug on through and if you have kids it's double time. Women don't ever get a break.

Jennifer Owens said...

Oh man, bronchitis, yuck. Hope you are back to your normal self soon!

Mary~Momathon said...

that's a great idea! I needed a Mom team to come in and take care of me and do my chores these past few days. Now I'm feeling better I'm swamped with the pile-up!

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