Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Green Grass

Oh man I'm so tired. I worked an extra hour today, we are in our "busy time" and then came home and attacked the grass that is growing everywhere. I really have to keep on top of it or it will get really out of control. And my neighbor LOVES round up. He's already sprayed a good portion along his side of the empty lot next to us. I know it's easier but quite frankly it looks like SHIT all dead and ugly, and let's face it that stuff is NOT good for anyone.

While I was out mowing, mowing mowing Trevor came over and mouthed something at me. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" 12 times from me and he's finally loud enough so I can hear that the dog has a bird. Poor little birdie! I don't know how he caught a bird while he was tethered to the tree (it was only while I was out there). It looked like he had just caught it and played with it a bit. RIP little birdie.

My husband is the biggest slob there is. I don't understand WHY it so difficult to 1. pick up your shit when you are done working and 2. throw trash in the garbage can. Neither one of those seems to be that difficult, but yet, he can not seem to do them.

So while I'm mowing I'm finding crap in the grass, and really really hoping I'm not going to run over anything that is going to break the mower, kill me, or break glass in the car or the house. Another reason to keep the grass mowed. Easier to find your husbands crap.

I only did a bit of the BIG empty lot on the other side of the house. It was getting dark and that grass hasn't been mowed at all this year. It's probably close to two feet high in some areas. If it's nice outside and I can walk tomorrow I'll try and work on it.

BUT Trevor has his first baseball meeting tomorrow at 6:30 so maybe not. Let's all pray that there are nice parents and they aren't all either the "baseball is our life" or "we own half the town" type of people. Nice and mellow will be just fine.Pin It


Sara Strand said...

I'm not anxious for my kids to get older and into activities. Seriously. I don't excel in groups like that. :)

Chris H said...

OMG YOU mow the lawns???
I never do... I told Stew it was part of our 'Marriage Contract' that I would never mow lawns! lol

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