Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party Day!

Today should be a fun day!  Scott is going to take the kids and my nephew to go play laser tag while I clean up and get some stuff for a family birthday party. Everyone is supposed to come over around 4 for some pizza, cake and ice cream. I ordered a cake last night (nothing like waiting until almost the last minute!). I need to decide where I'm getting pizza from, probably Costco. I just need to figure out how much money I need since I have no debit card. SUCH a pain in the ass! I can't wait to get my new one.

Speaking of the bank. Ugh so frustrated. Went and checked this morning and there is another charge from the asshole that is using the card number in UTAH, which obviously we aren't in Utah. The charge was made the same day as the other one so the guy is making his way across a few states there. (The first one was close to Vegas). I called the banks fraud department and was like WTH why are you still taking these fraudulent charges out of our account? He said they have to take it out of the new account so they can credit it back there. Sounds like a bunch of bull shit to me. If one more thing happens we are going to go change banks. Nothing like getting an ulcer while sipping your morning coffee. All I can say is Thank God we actually had money in there when all this happened, otherwise we would have been bouncing all over the place.

Anyhow, I've been trying to keep the house pretty clean so I don't have to kick my ass today getting it ready for the party. Just need to do some straightening up and we should be good to go. No heavy cleaning.Pin It

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