Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swing Batter Batter!

I took Trevor to baseball practice today. The practice was at the Sport Complex where the high school girls play. I was feeling rather nostalgic walking in. All the grass. The hard metal stands. The freezing cold wind whipping through my sweatshirt. Ahhh I love baseball & softball season!

Even though I saw Jessica's coach from last year and she looked down and away and acted like she didn't know me. Whatever BEOTCH we are done with you! (and by the way your glasses make you look really ugly)..ooo did I say that outloud?

As I was walking Trevor around trying to figure out where he was supposed to be, I realized he was the only kid in jeans. My fail! He was also carrying his baseball helmet and glove and forgot his water in the car. Looking like the major loser mom/kid combo there. Sooo I headed off to the mall to try Target for a baseball bag. I was kind of looking for the backpack kind. They didn't have any at Target so I went over to Big 5 and they were $40! So I got him a $15 regular bag and a pair of baseball pants to wear to practice. We'll be styling on Thursday.

Jessica is in "try out mode" for the varsity softball team. She's been a bit wishy-washy about trying out this year. I made some sad faces and told her how sad I was going to be if she didn't at least attempt to make the team this year so she went to try outs. I LOVE watching her play. I don't want to make her play, it's her decision  but I'll be really sad if she quits. Plus it's great exercise and keeps her busy. She's so smart she needs stuff to do!

Melissa is holding down her bed and making sure the remote doesn't get away. I'm pretty sure she didn't get that from me.Pin It

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Chris H said...

I hope you have a fun season of sport with the kids.
I'm with Melissa, gimme the remote!

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