Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another One Down And Hey I Didn't Even CRY This Year!

Well I had a pretty great birthday! I started off  the morning with my phone buzzing non stop from people telling me happy birthday on Facebook.

Then my friend called and I sang me happy birthday. I laid there for awhile and then got out of bed lol. I got a card from Scott that wasn't stupid and a gift card for a massage. 

OH THANK THE LORD someone finally paid attention to what I REALLY want. 
It's a freaking miracle! I need to call and make an appointment apparently. I can't wait!

I got up and there was a present on the table from Melissa and Jessica. Jessica is at Science Camp as a counselor this week but they thought ahead and bought me a present. Isn't that sweet? My baby girls are growing up! They got a me a flower bulb and a pack of sunflower seeds AND some gardening gloves.

Then I took the kids to school in my robe and slippers. AWESOME. So glad I took the day off! I came back and made myself some breakfast and played around on Facebook. 

Eventually I decided I should probably do some cleaning since everyone was coming over to our house for dinner. I ended up moving all the furniture around. I discovered mold growing on the backs of my bookcases, maybe that's one more reason why I am sick?? Cleaned it with some bleach (and the wall). Love living in an old house!

Stopped to take a shower and realized that Jess took the hair dryer to camp with her. Stressed that my hair wasn't going to dry in time for when I met my dad for lunch. It was ALMOST dry when I got there. Not too bad. 

We decided to walk over to the Mexican place for lunch. Chips and Salsa are one of my favorite food groups. We had a nice lunch. I always enjoy talking to my dad. I just wish we did it more often. My step mom made me a cute card, and they gave me $20 which I promptly spent at Target on a new phone cover for my phone. I've needed one for awhile but I'm too cheap to fork out the money. Thanks Dad!!

I got home and cleaned like a maniac, yelled at the kids, cleaned some more. Finally decided I was DONE cleaning and went in to fix myself up a bit. My mom and step dad got here while I was still doing my hair. Eventually everyone got here and we had Chinese food (tons left over and I'm taking it to work tomorrow or I'll be bloated for years). Rusty didn't try to eat my niece or anyone else (although he did growl at my friend but she had a hat on and he hates hats for some reason). It was a nice little party!  


My friend brought me fresh flowers, my mom brought me a miniature rose plant and tickets to JOSH TURNER my other love ;) He's coming to the big city by us on Jessica's birthday. She'll have to forgive me for spending her birthday at a concert. Something else to tell her therapist haha. My brother and sil got me some packets of vegetable seeds and some violas, my other brother and sil got me a cute little whirly bug that I put in a flower pot outside.

All very nice gifts. The best gift of all was having them all here though! I love seeing my family, they are the best (even though they piss me off sometimes!)

(my own "personal" candle cake so I didn't get sick germs on the birthday cake lol)
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Chris H said...

I'm so happy that you had a lovely birthday... and didn't cry!
37... ahhh what I would give to be only 37 again!

Jennifer Owens said...

A massage, chips and salsa, flowers - sounds like a great birthday!!!

Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a fun day!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Sounds like one of my birthdays! Belated Happy Birthday to you!

And I think we both need to make the kids do the dishes instead of us.

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